Sell My MacBook Pro

Want to sell your MacBook Pro? Whether you’re upgrading to a newer model or simply want to sell your old laptop, our simple four-step process lets you sell your used MacBook Pro for cash via our website.

We buy all recent MacBook Pro models, ranging from the latest Retina and Touch Bar MacBook Pro laptops to older Intel-based MacBooks. Our easy, user-friendly online quote system can give you a precise quote for your MacBook in just a few clicks.

If you’re interested in selling after receiving a quote, we’ll send you a free postage label within 24 hours to let you send your computer to our UK-based facility.

Interested in learning more? Below, you can find more information on how our service works, how much your MacBook Pro is worth and how you can sell your MacBook Pro for cash to our expert team.

We Buy a Wide Range of Used MacBook Pros

We buy an extensive range of MacBook Pro laptops, from the latest 13 and 15-inch Touch Bar and Retina models to older i5 and Core 2 Duo models. Using our quote system, you can find a complete range of MacBook Pro models, with pricing information for each variation.

No matter how old you think your MacBook Pro might be, we’re interested in hearing more. Our easy, quick and simple quote system will give you an instant price for your MacBook Pro -- one that could beat the market price on other used laptop marketplaces.

How Our Service Works

Our service is quick, transparent and simple. First, you’ll need to choose your laptop brand from our list of available options. Select “Apple” and, if required, select your computer model. At this point, you’ll need to enter your processor type and other information about your computer.

Don’t know your MacBook Pro’s processor type or other specifications? Click on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of your MacBook Pro, then select “About This Mac” to view your laptop’s build date, processor type and clock speed, memory and other information.

After this, you’ll need to answer several simple questions about your computer’s condition and functionality. Once you’re done, we’ll provide an instant quote based on the value of your used MacBook Pro.

Ready to sell your MacBook Pro? We’ll send you a free postage label within 24 hours, as well as instructions for how to send your used laptop to our UK-based facility.

Once we receive your MacBook Pro, we’ll carry out an inspection and send a full payment for the laptop within 48 hours. Our data security team will wipe your MacBook Pro’s hard drive or SSD of all data, ensuring that none of your personal information remains on the computer.

We Also Buy Other Apple Devices

Interested in selling your other Apple products? Whether you’ve upgraded to the latest model and want to trade in your old gear or just feel like selling your old Apple gear for cash, we also buy used iPads, iMacs and other recent model Apple products.

Get a Free Quote Online

Want to find out how much your used Macbook Pro is worth? Enter your model info, processor and other information into our online quote system and we’ll give you a detailed quote for your used MacBook Pro, as well as a free postage label to send it to our UK-based facility.