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If you want to sell your old Sony laptop online for cash without having to fill out the long, confusing forms, we think we have the perfect solution for you!

Here at Sell Your Laptop we do exactly as our name suggests; we’re here to help you sell your Sony laptop for money that can be used towards a treat for yourself, day out or even holiday depending on the condition!

Are you wanting a brand new, shiny laptop to replace your old one? Our exchange scheme is here to help you earn an extra bit of money when your sell your old Sony laptop with us; money that you can put towards a brand new, shiny gadget of your choice… Talk about that for an upgrade!

Once we’ve given you an online quote that is influenced by the details and specifications that you tell us, we’ll email you a prepaid label so that you can securely package up your Sony laptop and leave it at a local Post Office. When we’ve collected the gadget, we’ll carry out an inspection to check the quality of your Sony laptop and if successful, we’ll send payment within 48 hours.

The protection of your personal data is important to us and as a recognised Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, you will get peace of mind knowing that the sensitive data that may have been stored on your hard drive will be permanently destroyed one the process to sell your Sony laptop has begun.

To get your own personalised quote to help sell your Sony laptop, enter the details of your device below. If you have any questions or are confused with any step of our process, do not hesitate to contact us! Our specialised team are able to advise on how to fill out the information we ask for accurately and explain the inspection process.

If you have any questions about the value of your Sony laptop, please call us on 0330 990 8888