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Are you looking to sell your laptop for cash with a reputable company that can actually give you a decent offer for its current condition?

To determine the condition that your laptop is currently in, it may be helpful to read our guide on how to describe the condition of your laptop. As a general rule we would regard a laptop in ‘good condition’ to function correctly without any noticeable faults or damages and include add-ons like chargers, laptop cases, hinges and other external parts.

To sell your laptop that is in average condition it must load windows but may include some cosmetic damage. A non-working laptop is still a device that we’re looking to buy even if parts are missing, there is a screen fault or heavy damage to the gadget.

When selling a laptop that is in poor condition, please note that the price we are able to recommend that your sell your old laptop for is dependent on the amount of parts that we think are able to be salvaged.

“Can I still sell my used laptop even if it stores personal information?” is a question that we are asked frequently and we can assure you that any sensitive data that is stored on the hard drive of your laptop will be deleted and permanently destroyed once we have bought it. This can help you to get peace of mind knowing that your personal information is safe from falling into the wrong hands!

Select the internal processor that your laptop uses, enter some basic details (including the age, memory size and operating system that the device uses) and let us give you a free quote on what we’d be willing to buy it for.

To find out more about the worth of your laptop in its condition, contact us today. We have a team of technical experts that can advise you on how to correctly submit details to get an accurate quote that you are happy with to sell your used laptop.

If you have any questions about the value of your laptop, please call us on 0330 990 8888