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Leaving your laptop in storage where it’s not being used is not only a waste of space but it’s a potential lump of cash going to waste! We can help you sell your Fujitsu laptop easily through our simple online process – a task that will take a matter of minutes and allow you to receive a tailored quote on what we’d be prepared to pay for the exact laptop you’re looking to sell.

“When I sell my used Fujitsu laptop with you, is my data safe?” is a common question that we get asked from privacy-concerned customers wondering if their personal information is kept personal when we receive and recycle your device.

Our technical engineers safely remove all of your data and personal information when we receive it and as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, you can get peace of mind knowing that the information stored on your hard drive is wiped and old data permanently destroyed.

The price that we quote when you apply to sell your Fujitsu laptop online with us is dependent on the condition of your laptop when we receive it. If we realise that some of the parts on your broken laptop can be salvaged, we will be able to offer a price as close to the original quote to help you still enjoy a worthwhile cash benefit.

Along with the cash benefits that you can enjoy when you sell your old Fujitsu laptop to us, you can feel engaged by the fact that your old device can be given to somebody who otherwise may be unable to access a computer or the internet.

To sell your Fujitsu laptop with us today get in touch with the team. Whether it’s advice on how to enter the specifications as accurate you can to get a guaranteed quote or just general information on what we do with your laptop once it has been sold, the advice given by the years’ of industry experience behind our experts make it some of the best in the business.

If you have any questions about the value of your Fujitsu laptop, please call us on 0330 990 8888