How to tell what condition your Laptop is in?

Good: Normal wear and tear - the laptop functions correctly without faults or noticeable damage. Laptop case, mouse pad, hinges and other external parts may show light wear and or light scratches and marks but no structural cracks or flaws. The item is fully working and in good second hand condition.

Average: The laptop functions (powers on, loads windows) but has a noticeable cosmetic issue (scratches or marks to the case or body but no parts missing, cracks or dents to the body). The laptop is fully working but may be in average cosmetic condition.

Non-working / Screen Fault / Heavy Damage / Parts missing: Any laptop with a screen issue (including lines down screen or physical damage such as cracks). Any laptop which fails to boot in to its operating system. It has major or numerous cosmetic fails (such as damage to the keyboard, case and hinges), it is in very poor cosmetic condition and/or is not working or has parts missing. The quote given for this will be the up to price depending on the parts we can salvage upon testing. In most cases we pay the maximum price shown and in the rare case the price is lower, then you may cancel the sale with no penalties and have the laptop returned free of charge.