Free Data Destruction Services

Do you have sensitive personal or business data you need to erase from your computers and other digital equipment? Our free data destruction services let you dispose of old computers, data storage and other office equipment with total confidence that your data is fully wiped.

We offer free data destruction services for a wide range of computers and mobile devices, from laptops to PC workstations. Our expert team specialises in complete data wiping, allowing us to remove all of your hard drive or SSD data without any data security risks.

Below, you can find out more about our free data destruction services, as well as the importance of securely wiping your data when you dispose of an old laptop, PC workstation, smartphone or other device.

Why is Data Destruction Important?

Your laptop, desktop or smartphone contains a huge amount of information about you. Private photographs, passwords and online banking information are all stored on your device, often in an encrypted form that makes them difficult for other users to access.

Even with encryption, there’s still a risk of this data falling into the wrong hands if you dispose of or sell your old devices without first securely destroying the data. Using data recovery software, a tech-savvy person can potentially recover data from your device after you sell or dispose of it.

This means there’s a risk of unauthorised people accessing your private photos, cloud storage, emails, online banking or other services. For businesses, it creates a risk of private documents, agreements and trade secrets potentially falling into the wrong hands.

The only way to completely remove your data from your device and protect your privacy is via a complete data wiping service. Our data protection experts specialise in full removal of data from both PCs and Macs, smartphones, tablets and a wide range of other devices.

What Devices Are Supported?

Our free data destruction services are available for a wide range of devices. If you dispose of your old laptop or device through our service, we can complete a full data wipe as part of our regular disposal and parts recycling process.

We provide data destruction services for both PC and Mac laptops, as well as desktop PC and Mac computers. Our team can also wipe data from iOS, Android and Windows mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Finally, our free data destruction services are available for portable hard drives, SSDs and USB sticks, as well as other external data storage products. In general, if it can store data, our team can perform a full, secure data destruction service to ensure it’s completely wiped of any files.

We Follow ISO 27001 Standards

Our experienced team follows the latest information security management system best practices as described in ISO 27001:2013.

This means that we can offer legal documentation to prove that your data has been completely and securely disposed of, on request. This is particularly important for businesses, as the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that you fully erase all personal information when disposing of IT equipment.

Learn More About Our Data Destruction Services

Do you need to dispose of old IT equipment and securely destroy private user data? Our free data destruction services are ideal for businesses and organizations with old PCs, Macs and other devices to dispose of that need to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

For more information or to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our services, please contact us today.

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