Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s time to start scarping together all the money we can to help us make it a special time for the whole family. Luckily, the internet provides us all with a myriad of options to sell all sorts of different items to bring in some extra cash for Christmas.


Here’s our top five things to sell in November.


1- Sell Your Kids’ Old Junk


If you have kids who going off to University to start a new adventure, then it can be tempting to keep all their stuff around for the memories. But have a good look around and you’ll also see plenty of stuff that can be sold on to bring in a little extra cash for Christmas. Old college textbooks and other school equipment which is no longer needed can bring in a few pounds. Also look out for the other items in this list, especially any old technology which is no longer used.


2- Sell Old Books for Instant Cash


If you have an abundance of books you have read or know you will never get around to reading, then you don’t have to keep hold of them forever. They can actually bring in some extra cash for Christmas. There are plenty of websites around that specialise in buying old books and can give you an estimate on how many titles you have and their worth. There are  also auction sites where you can sell individual titles that might be worth a bit more on their own, such as rare or out of print editions, or even a new book you have finished already.


3- Sell Old Mobile Phones for Money


Selling used mobile phones can bring in a bit of money as there is always some worth in even very old models. The phone itself might be old, but the technology and parts inside can still be of use to someone. It won’t be the biggest money-earner if you only have one or two old phones to sell, but many folks end up with a box or drawer full of unused phones which can bring in a pretty penny just in time for the Christmas spend.


4- Sell Old Video Games


Have your children got a pile of video games they no longer play? Popular titles like the FIFA or Pro Evo football games and the Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty series, are always being updated with new versions coming out almost every year. And once a child starts playing the latest version, the old version often gets discarded and forgotten about even though it’s only a year old itself. Those older titles are not completely worthless though, even when a newer version is released. Selling them to used game traders will bring in a few pounds that can go towards buying your children the latest game they seem to be mentioning more and more the closer you get to Christmas.


5- Sell Old Laptops for Cash


Laptops are another technology that is constantly evolving and many people like to have the latest editions, but there are even more people out there who can’t afford brand new computers and so rely on people selling their used laptops. It’s also never been easier to get cash for old laptops. You can even get a quote on your laptop’s model and condition long before committing to the sale.


Why November is the Best Time to Sell Your Old Laptop


Selling laptops during November is a great way to way bring in some extra cash for Christmas with the minimum effort, but it also practically guarantees a good deal because many people will be looking to buy used computers for the Christmas period, so there is an increased market for used technology like laptops.


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