If you are thinking about upgrading your laptop to a newer model, then you should know that it’s never been easier to get cash for your old laptop. It’s a much better option than simply allowing the old laptop to take up space in a cupboard when it can bring in some money as well as help someone else who can’t afford a brand new computer.


Here are the top five reasons to sell your old laptop for cash as soon as you get your new one set up.


5. Help the Less Fortunate Gain Access to Computers


This reason is often overlooked in the clamour to get some cash by selling old laptops. Getting money for used laptops is a good thing, and it’s quite rightly one of the reasons listed below, but there are a lot of people in the world who may never get the opportunity to buy a brand new computer. For them, recycling old laptops is a vital service they rely on and which everyone with an old laptop to sell can help provide. And don’t worry about your old data, as we erase and reformat every hard drive so your old information is completely safe.


4. Get Money For Old Laptops


Let’s get this one out of the way then. For most people, it’s the number one reason for selling an old laptop. It’s a great deal all round, as you move on to a newer model while your wallet gets a little fatter as you sell your unwanted laptops. Obviously, how much you can get will depend on a variety of issues, such as the computer’s age and the cosmetic condition of the laptop. But as long as it is in working order and hasn’t suffered any breakages to its outer casing or connections, then you will definitely be able to sell your computer for cash.


3. Upgrade to a Newer Laptop Model


Straight up cash isn’t the only way you can directly benefit from selling your laptop online. Part exchanges have become a massive part of consumer culture and it’s a great way of saving money when upgrading to a newer laptop model. It is commonplace for items such as phones and gaming consoles, but Sell Your Laptop for More is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of part exchanging old laptops for newer models as well.


2. De-Clutter Your Life by Selling Old Tech


There are so many of us who have old tech just lying around gathering dust. Old phones, bits of PC, and of course, old laptops we no longer use. While getting some extra cash for your laptop is useful, and helping the less fortunate gain access to computers is a fantastic side-effect, it is also beneficial to get rid of that old tech that no longer serves any purpose for us. De-cluttering our lives is important these days as more and more gadgets come and go as they get upgraded every year or so. So sell your old laptop online along with any other old tech and create more space in your life.


1. It’s Easy to Sell Old Laptops Online


Some people might be put off by the apparent hassle of trying to recycle old laptops for cash, but it has never been easier. You don’t have to search out a computer exchange store and then haggle with an inexperienced shop assistant whose expertise lies mainly in gaming consoles. You just fill out the data fields with the specs of your laptop to get your quote, and then send it off to us free of charge. We’ll then check the information is correct, ensure the laptop isn’t damaged and is in working order, and then send you your money. Just like that.


At sellyourlaptop.co.uk we offer more cash for used laptops than our competitors while also helping to recycle old laptops as well as facilitate exchanges and up-cycling.