Gone are the days when studying at university meant lugging around hundreds of textbooks – we’re in the digital age now where everything can be found, stored and used on a laptop!

However, a university student needs more than access to the internet. Factors like price, storage and weight being some of the main influencers in deciding on the best machine to pick and it can prove to be a tricky task.

We share the best laptops for university students in 2016 along with some of their basic features:


HP Chromebook 14

Boasting quick online access to the internet and an affordable price, there’s no denying that the HP Chromebook 14 is a great laptop for studying.

The basic features that this Chromebook has are all a student will need; an excellent keyboard and trackpad combined with the speedy Chrome operating system mean that you’ll never need to wait around for software to load.

The cool blue colour that the laptop comes in makes it fantastic for transporting around. There’s no better low-maintenance laptop than this!


HP Stream 11

If you’re wanting a student laptop with a better battery life than the Chromebook (or just prefer the Windows operating system), the HP Stream 11 is another option to consider.

The lightweight design of this laptop means that transportation is easy – simply throw into a rucksack and it’ll just feel like carrying a light notebook.

The only downfall with this machine is the small grainy display screen, but the fact that it costs less than £200 means it’s ideal for not making a huge dent in your student loan!


Dell XPS 13

If screen resolution and overall quality is a big turning point when you’re choosing a laptop, you might want to look at investing in a Dell XPS 13.

The 13-inch, high resolution display accompanies a strong performance, making it ideal for students studying photography, video editing or any other creative subject.

Although the amount of available storage could make your eye water, actually getting the 128GB would mean undertaking a pretty big purchase as the amount sadly reflects the expensive price tag!


Asus Aspire S3

Another expensive option that may be worth splashing out on is the Asus Aspire S3.

With the amount of space on the hard drive being just 240GB, this laptop offers less than half of the space than a typical budget laptop, but the longer lifespan that it has to offer outweighs the amount of storage – especially when you have the option to increase it by using an external hard drive!

The Intel i5 Processor combined with 4BG of RAM makes the high-performing ultrabook an excellent choice for students with a bigger budget.


MacBook Air

The MacBook Air has become notorious as a new fashion accessory, but the expensive laptop has many cool features that can be beneficial to a university student.

A popular choice for people working within the creative sector, the MacBook Air is lightweight and comes with a selection of Apple-only apps that can’t be found elsewhere.

Even though the expensive cost can be a put-off for many students, Apple offer a student discount on their MacBook to get your own for much cheaper.

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