With Christmas upon us, it’s a great time to clear out some of that old junk we don’t need anymore and make some room for those lovely new presents that are hopefully coming our way. There’s no need to start filling up your bins just yet though as a lot of old junk has recycle value. Here are a few quick tips on recycling some common household goods.


Recycle Old Clothes


Christmas is a good time to clear out that wardrobe and get rid of unwanted or unneeded clothing. It’s difficult to commit to throwing out clothes during the summer as we know the winter is not all that far away and we might need those extra jumpers. Once you’re well into winter though, you’ll have a much better idea of what you actually need. Charity shops will be grateful for any clothes that are in good condition, though old clothes can be an issue as many of them might have a little too much wear and tear on them to go to the local charity shops.


However, there’s not always a need to throw the well worn clothes straight out as you can use the material to make plenty of useful textile items such as cushion covers or even a tea cosy. There are plenty of ideas online to help inspire you, such as making a matching set of denim cloth coasters or place mats out of an old pair of jeans. Just cut neat squares or rectangles a centimetre or so larger than you want them, bend that extra slack over and sew it back to create an edge, and voila.


Recycle Unused Electrical Items


Any old electrical equipment you might have, such as kettles, toasters or even an old Dust Buster (remember those?), will likely have a willing recipient somewhere. There are laws in place which prevent charity shops selling on a lot of electrical equipment, so your best option is a community centre or a school which will need items like that but may not have the budget to afford them.


You don’t have to recycle everything for free though, as there’s plenty of cash to be made from recycling old technology like mobile phones, video game consoles (check with the kids first though!), and especially recycling used laptops.


Recycle Old Laptops for Cash


Recycling your old laptop is a good idea for a number of reasons, first and foremost among them being that you can bring in a tidy sum to help fund the purchase of a newer, more up to date computer. As long as the laptop is in working condition and doesn’t have too much damage on its outer casing, then you can get a good price for your used laptop from SellYourLaptop.co.uk.


You can get a quote for your laptop model before deciding whether you definitely want to do it, and it’s an easy process once you do. It’s also a much better way to go about upgrading your computer as the recycled laptop will usually be passed on to someone who can’t afford a new computer. There are a lot of people out there who rely on these recycling services to gain access to useful computer programs and the internet, so it’s much better than simply retiring your old computer to a dusty cupboard.


It’s totally safe as well, as once we receive your laptop, we perform a complete data wipe so nothing remains of any files you kept on your computer. With the New Year traditionally being a time when retailers slash their prices, it’s also the best time of the year to sell your old laptop for cash and find a new one in the sales.


You’ll find that sellyourlaptop.co.uk offers the best prices when you sell your used laptops.