Notebooks were a revolution of the computer industry in their day. And while they are still excellent computers to have, there are so many options these days which are starting to make the reliable notebooks seem a bit out of date. Tablets are mostly to blame, but there is another model which has also staked its claim in the mobile computer market: the hybrid.


There are two main types of hybrid computer, though there are some models which try to be the best of both worlds (and usually end up being poor versions of each hybrid type). The first type of hybrid is a laptop that turns into a tablet, while the second type is a tablet that turns into a laptop.


Laptop-First Hybrids


The laptop-first hybrids can vary dramatically in design, usually featuring a screen that either folds or rotates to convert it into a touch-screen ‘tablet’. They are bulkier than tablet-first hybrids, and a great deal bulkier than straight-up tablets themselves. However, they will also have near full laptop capabilities.


Tablet-First Hybrids


The tablet-first hybrids will have a fully detachable screen and will be even lighter and more portable than a laptop, but note that this mobility is achieved by sacrificing performance. The decreased functionality of tablet-first hybrids does mean they will be cheaper than laptop-first hybrids, so that’s worth factoring in to your decision. If you don’t require your hybrid to have high functionality and price is an important factor, then the tablet-first hybrids are probably for you.


Using a Hybrid Laptop


What suits your needs will depend on which form you will mostly be using your hybrid in. Using a laptop-first hybrid in its tablet-esque touch-screen form will not be as comfortable and easy as a tablet-first hybrid, which will be lighter and easier to hold when relaxing on a couch, for example. However, the keyboards of tablet-first hybrids are poor for extended keyboard use, as they are just slide-in keyboards with no dedicated design for comfortable use. Therefore, using a hybrid on your lap or at a desk for any extended time will be a more comfortable experience with a laptop-first hybrid.


Thus, laptop-first hybrids are the better choice if you will be mostly using it in its laptop form, but tablet-first hybrids are better if you will be mostly using the touch-screen with only brief or occasional uses of the keyboard.


Why Not Buy a Laptop and Tablet?


If you want the best laptop experience and the best tablet experience, then it might work out better for you to have a dedicated version of each one. Proper tablets are thinner and lighter than even the tablet-first hybrids, while you can get excellent full laptops with a lot more processing power than the laptop-first hybrids for similar prices.


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