Samsung and Dell are two of the most well known laptop manufacturers out there, but it can be difficult to know which brand to go for when there are so many options, especially as the answer will often depend on the price range you are searching in. Here we look at three general price ranges - budget, mid-range and high end - and see whether Dell or Samsung offer the best buys in each.


Budget Laptops – Under £600


Cheap laptops are plentiful these days, and both Dell and Samsung have a wide variety of budget laptops ranging between £200 and £600. With both manufacturers offering over 30 different laptops each in this range (see Dell budget laptops and Samsung budget laptops), it’s fair to say they come out pretty even on the overall budget laptop score. However, the pick of the bunch undoubtedly belongs to Dell.


The Dell Latitude 3440 costs around £514 and features outstanding battery life for that price. It has a Haswell processor to provide adequate application performance and it even has some minor gaming capability. It’s a good looking laptop too with a nice keyboard, plus it’s slim and not too heavy. The screen isn’t great and the speakers are awful, but there will always be sacrifices made at this end of the laptop spectrum. But if you need a highly functional laptop with relatively excellent performance for under £600, then the Latitude 3440 by Dell will serve you well.


Mid-Range Laptops - £700 to £1200


Neither of these manufacturers will top any lists of the best mid-range laptops out there. And again, both manufacturers score fairly even when you consider their entire selection of mid-range priced laptops. However, the spoils are going to Samsung because of one brilliant laptop design they have in the mid-range, though it is priced at the very top end of the mid-range scale.


The Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus will cost you a fairly steep £1200, but you will be getting a truly excellent laptop for your money. It runs on an Intel Core (i5 or i7) Haswell processor and is available with up to 8GB of RAM in its top spec. The battery life is a tremendous 11 hours, giving you a whole day of work time off of one charge. Where this laptop truly excels though is in its screen quality. The 3,200 x 1,800 resolution of the 13.3 inch screen is about as good as it gets, certainly in the middle price range. And if it’s a bit pricy for a mid-range laptop, you can always sell your old laptop to fund the purchase.


High-End Laptops – Over £1200


Dell win hands down in the high end price range, with several of their products regularly making it onto top ten lists of the best laptops of the year.


The Dell XPS 12 is £1279, only just qualifying it for the high end range, but it is one of the most innovative laptops designs of 2014. It features a spinning hinge for the touchscreen-capable screen, which can rotate 360 degrees on its axis. It’s powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU, and has a long, long battery life. Another option is the Dell Precision M3800 which costs around £1800, but for your money you will be getting a magnificent workstation laptop with a quad-core CPU and Nvidia Quadro graphics, all kitted out in a very stylish chassis.


Samsung vs Dell


Ultimately, Dell have more options across the whole range of prices, so they are bound to win any face-off like this. However, Samsung have some excellent hardware out there as well, so it’s always worth finding several of the top laptops in your price range and comparing their specs. Online reviews can be very useful too in identifying the perfect laptop for you.


Once you’ve found your next laptop, you can sell used Samsung laptops or sell used Dell laptops to help fund the purchase of your next computer, so it’s worth factoring in that extra cash when considering your budget.


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